WaterCheck provides a full end-to-end solution for all your water measurement needs including:

Flow meters, soil moisture, water quality, well levels and stream flows. We also have the most cost-effective well level monitoring system on the market.

Water Meter Compliance

WaterCheck is a leader in the area of water meter compliance in New Zealand. We have over 20 years experience dealing with telemetered data within the water industry. You can be assured that we will get it right for you first time. Our automated compliance reporting system can alert you instantly if you exceed any of your consent conditions.

Stream and Open Channel Flow Systems

WaterCheck can take care of all of your open channel stream flow requirements whether for you Consent requirements or for operational needs. This includes measuring the height of the stream automatically and producing a stage to discharge relationship calibration or measuring flow directly using area-velocity instruments.

Real-time Soil Moisture Measurement

Soil moisture monitoring means farmers know when to start irrigating and helps keep soil moisture in the 'sweet spot'. This will avoid wasting both water and nutrients through over watering or stressing plants due to under application. If crops get stressed due to under application, we have several variants of soil moisture systems to suit any situation.